We are in a five year partnership to cover Barents Spektakel in the town of Kirkenes, located near the Norwegian-Russian border. The yearly arts festival features artists from around the world with commissioned pieces, exhibitions, theatre, debates and music. We create social media films during the festival and longer format after films.


3 Social Media Films
1 After Movie
Press Images 

Artist Films - Jerwood Photoworks Awards Music Showreel Goose Island Hop Party KERB x Seven Dials Market Zero Waste Cooking School Showreel Silo Southbank Centre La Bella Verde Borderlands Fly By Night East Wall: Journey To The Tower PRS Foundation LOVEBOX The Great Escape Festival Sydney Festival Ice Hockey Reeves Barents Spektakel - Pikene på Broen Mark. - Avon WOMAD Bestival Fashion Collection Films - Nicholas Daley Searcys Jack Rocks the Macbeth - Jack Daniels